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Rising Tide curates and maintains a portfolio that meets high standards, ensuring quality and consistency. Our roots in New England and operation in select markets demonstrate our deep local knowledge. With sharp business acumen, we manage your property to maximize its potential.


Meet Allie O’Brien


After spending a decade in Financial Services in New York, I've decided to take the business acumen I acquired and channel it into my passion:

Property Design and Hospitality.

As a North Shore Massachusetts native, I've spent countless days, nights, weekends, and vacations immersed in the breathtaking coastal beauty of this region. I'm captivated by the unique ways we showcase our picturesque surroundings, from the elegant simplicity of our homes to the dynamic energy of our bustling harbors.

Driven by my passion, I'm committed to enriching the fabric of this area by designing unforgettable vacation experiences for our guests. My mission is to ensure every visitor leaves with memories that last a lifetime and a newfound appreciation for the captivating charm of the North Shore.

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Contact me at (978) 387-1573 or shoot me a note at


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